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A letter with your name on it was sent to you in the mail. naturally you’d be skeptical of it because— when was the last time you ever received a letter like this? with how technology has grown over the years people had stopped with communicating this way. Though you can’t resist not opening it; curiousity has won you over. You didn’t even bother to check reading who sent you the letter. All you want to know is what the piece of paper contained.

Once opening it, it read:

 ” Dear Reader,

you have been selected for a once in a life time opportunity event, we’d be honored for you to join and participate in our functions. All means of transportatio n are free, all you have do is bring your clothing and a tooth brush. Upon arrival you would be told of what this is about. If you do wish to come, please reply to this letter and we’ll arrive for you shortly. This lovely event has been sponsored by Yume Corporation.  Here at Dream Projects, we have very selectively picked other people to take a tour of our company, demonstrate how it all works and give you a greater look into the future. Not just for you own, but for everyone else “

  • baby:
  • mom:
    tap?? tat??
  • baby:
  • baby:
    Twelve years ago, a Nine-Tail Fox suddenly appeared...If you believe it! Naruto! Naruto! Believe it! Believe it! Here I am with my Ninja Clan! Ninja Clan, here we stand! Naruto, I'm on my way, Naruto, I'll be okay! Getting ready to fight on set! Come on best friends by my side! Sasuke, is really cool! Sakura, the beautiful! Kowagaruna NarutoSaoto mamore


When your family has guests over


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